Incredible Fruit From Southeast Asia

Incredible Fruit From Southeast Asia

As you read every word of this article, you will be amazed by the many benefits this “Queen of the Fruits” offers. Up until a few years ago, only the people of Southeast Asia knew of the miraculous nature of this fruit. This amazing fruit is called the Mangosteen (Garcinia Mangostana). The tender, juicy fruit found beneath a hard, thick outer rind, called the pericarp, has been a delicacy to many a royalty and hierarchy in Europe and Asia.

A young man by the name of Joe Morton, whose family background stemmed from the business of food supplements, vitamins, etc., had the opportunity to travel to Southeast Asia. His deep interest in botanicals found him wandering the land learning about different botanicals native to the orient. He stumbled upon the Mangosteen fruit when it was served to him as a dessert in a local café. He was so taken by the wonderful, heavenly flavor of the fruit that he began to inquire about it to the locals. Joe soon learned that the fruit was not only enjoyed because of its delicious flavor, but the outer rind (pericarp) had been ground up and used for medicinal purposes for many generations.

Joe began looking for scientific data taken and studied on this fruit. He found that there were stacks and volumes of scientific research that had been done not just on one or two systems of the human body but system after system. The stack of research print outs was well over a foot and a half thick. Yet, no one had ever brought this amazing fruit with its Super Antioxidants, called Xanthones, to the market. After calling on his brother Gordon and long time friend Aaron Garrity, they began the process of bringing this wonderful fruit to the Western World.

These three men produced a Category Creator beverage with its unique patented blend of all natural fruit juices ( 85% of ea. 25oz. Bottle is pure mangosteen juice from the whole fruit, not an extract). There is only one other fruit known to have more than a couple of Xanthones in it. The Wolfberry has only 6 of these phytonutrients. Can you imagine no more suffering from arthritis, fybromyalgia, asthma, allergies, Parkinson, autism, Alzheimer and many more ailments and diseases? Even the most balanced diets fall short in their daily allowance of vitamins and minerals. As the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests, adults should enhance their diets with additional supplements

The Mangosteen fruit contains more than 40 Xanthones, powerful antioxidants that provide your body with health enhancing benefits. Can you recall a time when you were pain free, energetic and healthy? No joint pain? The ability to breath freely, regularity, no need for that “power nap”?
Have you ever wondered why the people in Southeast Asia live longer, and have less cancers and disease? Now you too can taste the delightful juice. You’ll find it’s the best tasting healthy fruit drink you have ever tasted. You have health concerns, don’t you? Which is why you’ve read this article. Clearly you feel the need to obtain more information.

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